Have a look at the first ten pages of a couple recent scripts.


New York is a Friendly Town  Semifinalist 2015 Bluecat Screenplay Competition

A disillusioned, thirty-something Manhattan apartment broker struggles to adapt to a changing city full of ambitious young dreamers.

Read the first ten pages (PDF)


Geography for Beginners – 2nd Round 2014 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

Two fringy teens in 1993 – Sid, a devotee of Marx and the Beach Boys, and Rhonda, a fresh-faced punk rocker – embark on an unplanned road trip from St. Louis, through Memphis and on to New Orleans in search of Rhonda’s absent sister.

Read the first ten pages (PDF)


Writing for the Day Job


Track_Change – Managing Editor and Writer of a new publishing initiative of The University of Texas at Austin exploring the forces of change at the personal, organizational, and global levels.

LinkedIn – Sometimes I write about job and career related things on LinkedIn.

What Starts Here – Developed video concepts and wrote accompanying web and game-day program stories as part of a campaign to bring academic highlights to an athletics audience.